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    Li Keqiang deployed on aircraft rescue work: at all costs to do search and rescue
    Publisher:Administrator       Release Time:2015-06-03
    Jianli June 2 (Reporter Guo Chao) the evening of June 1, Chongqing Oriental Steamship Company ship carrying 458 people in the Yangtze River ferry capsized suddenly encountered a tornado. CPC Central Committee and the State Council attach great importance. 2, early in the morning, the State Council Li Keqiang on behalf of the CPC Central Committee, on behalf of General Secretary Xi Jinping anxious to fly the incident scene, directing the rescue and emergency work.

    On the plane, Li Keqiang on the convening of an emergency meeting to hear Transportation, Ministry of Health and Family Planning Commission, Ministry of Water Resources, Bureau of Meteorology, SAWS and other departments and the People's Liberation Army, armed police forces responsible for the report, a detailed understanding of the situation, the deployment of the rescue and emergency work. He stressed that human life than days. To the safety of the people highly responsible attitude, race against time to mobilize all forces can be mobilized to take all possible measures, at all costs to do search and rescue and related disposal. Li Keqiang made nine demands.
    First, the current first is to save people. To assemble the strongest national search and rescue forces, including search and rescue ships, cutters, oxygen equipment and other equipment and a group of divers and other professionals, with the fastest speed to the scene of the incident focused, divers rushed immediately once the water search and rescue, as rescue more lives, reduce injuries.
    Second, to create all the conditions for rescue. Coast, waterways, roads, airplanes must give the green light for the search and rescue forces to ensure smooth, establishment of water, land and air search and rescue large integrated platform.
    Third, to treat those rescued. To assemble medical professionals, so that survivors receive timely medical treatment, while mobilization along the river, along the way of the people involved in the search effort.
    Fourth, the State Council set up by the Deputy Prime Minister Mackay commander in chief of the rescue headquarters to coordinate the relevant departments, People's Liberation Army and armed police forces, local search and rescue forces, ordered the rescue, scientific rescue.
    Fifth, immediately in front of the command center set up to ensure the smooth operation site search and rescue personnel, search and rescue grasp.
    Sixth, carefully do a good job with the aftermath. Good passenger comfort the families of mental and emotional counseling.
    Seventh, to ensure timely emergency relief funds, do the rescue job security.
    Eighth, incident investigation team set up to identify the cause of the incident as soon as possible.
    Ninth, the timely release of authoritative information and rescue progress. To achieve accurate, fast, full, transparent, so that the people at ease.
    Li said that local authorities and in accordance with the above-mentioned deployment of emergency operations, working together, doing relief work, do our best to rescue personnel.
    Vice Premier Ma Kai, State Councilor Yang Jing attended the meeting. (Finish)

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